Big City Bar Star Professional Bartender Class Registration Form

Hi There!!  Welcome to Big City Bar Stars Professional Bartender Course Registration!

Hire a Professional Mobile Bartender for your Event, Special Occasion, or Holiday Party!

Thanks for choosing Big City Nites and joining the supply for ever increasing demand as a professional Bartender in the hospitality industry.  Bartenders shake things up and create the buzz for a winning recipe of Fun for folks all throughout the year!

We offer a comprehensive set of classes that emphasize the right basics while explaining the value so that you understand it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it that makes you a true Bar Star.

Our two hour classes are offered 3 weeknights and Sunday afternoons every week for a total of 8 classes needed to complete the Big City Bartender Course.

Complete set of Bar tending Courses $199.00 (includes 8 individual courses, workbook, diploma, and Event Crew Registration.)

Individual Classes $35 (available to take during normal class schedule on future dates, individual personal classes offered at negotiable additional fee)

State regulated certification and inclusion in Big City Nites roster of event staff are the extras that will get you hired and steps ahead of the competition for available jobs that are not easy to get. Even if you have taken classes, most employers won’t even consider someone without actual on the job working experience.  You get a Big City Double Shot when you choose us!

Please fill out the following online form to register as a Bar Star to Be.  Click Here for the complete list of  ingredients to our recipe for your success.

Your information is never shared with anyone outside of Big City Nites and it is never used for any email lists, subscriptions, advertising, or any other purpose unless you specifically authorize or request that it is.

Please bring a pen, your workbook, your smile, and enthusiasm to every class.  Bar tools are provided for practice during class and please wear closed toes shoes as glass ware and bottles will be present and accidents may happen.

The Ingredients for a Successful Life Behind Bars

#1. Bar Basics – workbook,glass ware, tools, bar lingo, guest management, alcohol, good practices, laws, recipe basics, and measurements

#2.  Bare Beverages– wine, beer, distilled spirits, definitions, types and varieties, the roll of ice, pairings, beverage service etiquette,

#3 Bare Bars – different service scenarios, types of bars, set up of supplies, organization, positioning, merchandising, bar logic, efficiency, speed rail, bar business wisdom

#4  Life Behind Bars – Bar Etiquette, Bartender responsibilities, Challenges Bartenders regularly face, Tips, dealing with Barbacks, Cocktail Waitresses, Guests, and Tricks of the Trade

#5  Review and Quiz– Beer and Wine Quiz, Vodka and Gin history, facts, Proofs, and popular standard recipes. Practice

#6 Bar Basics Review – glassware, tools, rules, and responsibilities Quiz.  Whiskey and Rum history, facts, proofs, and popular recipes, Practice

#7 Craft & Classic Cocktails – differences, appropriate scenarios, Craft recipes, garnishes, guest service overview. Tequila and Liquors/Mixers/Apperttiffs Practice

#8 Certifications– *Speed Test, Recipe Quiz, Bar Setup, Garnishes Cutting, &  Guest Services Final Tests. Big City Bartenders Course Certification of Completion handed out and emailed once all finals are completed satisfactorily **Overview of CA Food Handlers and TIPS online courses, and scheduling of online group certification sessions.

Please note that class schedules and locations are posted monthly and are subject to change.  All changes to classes are communicated through your preferred contact method and confirmation is appreciated.  All classes, either as a complete course or individual classes, must be paid for prior to admission and certified as completed.  There is NO ALCOHOL used, available, consumed, poured, sold, offered, or permitted on site and/or during class.  Possession of Alcohol on property where class is held, is strictly prohibited and cause for ejection and/or termination of class and course without any reimbursement or refund.


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