Being a Bar Star is Big City’s Business

Bartending is a Profession, not a job.  It takes focus and discipline to do it well and the best of the best know that making drinks is only a part of what a true bartender does.  Big City Bartenders teaches you what will set you up for success and make people take notice. 

We have carefully crafted the recipe for your success to emphasize principles and techniques that will increase your overall tips, create a loyal following, reduce fatigue, increase sales, and put you on a path towards a more rewarding and enjoyable career as a Professional Bartender in the Hospitality Industry.

We offer a comprehensive set of classes that emphasize the right basics while explaining the value so that you understand it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it that makes you a true Bar Star.

State regulated certification and inclusion in Big City Nites roster of event staff are the extras that will get you hired and steps ahead of the competition for available jobs that are not easy to get, even if you have taken classes, most employers won’t even consider someone without actual on the job working experience.  

Our two hour classes are offered 3 weeknights and Sunday afternoons every week for a total of 8 classes needed to complete the Big City Bartender Course.

Classes are offered individually after all courses have been completed once so you can always take a refresher course or want extra practice with the tools and bottles.

Complete set of Bar tending Courses $199.00 (includes 8 individual courses, workbook, diploma, and Event Crew Registration.)

Individual Classes $35 (available to take during normal class schedule on future dates, individual personal classes offered at negotiable additional fee)

50% Class course fee must be paid prior to beginning classes so $100 minimum is due upon start of first class. Individual classes do not apply for the two part payment.

If missing a class, you can make it up following week for no additional charge.

Certifications not included with total cost, but are recommended and provided in a group setting. Course Fees are extra and the responsibility of the student.  Inclusion in Big City Roster requires the completion of Serv Safe CA Food Handlers Certification and T.I.P.S Certification (about $40 each).

#1. Bar Basics – workbook,glass ware, tools, bar lingo, guest management, alcohol, good practices, laws, recipe basics, and measurements

#2.  Bare Beverages- wine, beer, distilled spirits, definitions, types and varieties, the roll of ice, pairings, beverage service etiquette,

#3 Bare Bars – different service scenarios, types of bars, set up of supplies, organization, positioning, merchandising, bar logic, efficiency, speed rail, bar business wisdom

#4  Life Behind Bars – Bar Etiquette, Bartender responsibilities, Challenges Bartenders regularly face, Tips, dealing with Barbacks, Cocktail Waitresses, Guests, and Tricks of the Trade

#5  Review and Quiz- Beer and Wine Quiz, Vodka and Gin history, facts, Proofs, and popular standard recipes. Practice

#6 Bar Basics Review – glassware, tools, rules, and responsibilities Quiz.  Whiskey and Rum history, facts, proofs, and popular recipes, Practice

#7 Craft & Classic Cocktails – differences, appropriate scenarios, Craft recipes, garnishes, guest service overview. Tequila and Liquors/Mixers/Apperttiffs Practice

#8 Certifications- *Speed Test, Recipe Quiz, Bar Setup, Garnishes Cutting, &  Guest Services Final Tests. Big City Bartenders Course Certification of Completion handed out and emailed once all finals are completed satisfactorily **Overview of CA Food Handlers and TIPS online courses, and scheduling of online group certification sessions.

*One retake will be allowed and scheduled for following week at no extra cost.

**Can be scheduled separately and individual of course scheduled time for extra fee or with different #8 class


Bartenders – Directors of Sales


Bartender: What can I get for you?

Guest:  I’m not sure what I want. What do you recommend?

Ask any Bartender and they will tell you that this is a scenario that happens regularly.  There are plenty of  guests who are looking to the bartender for a recommendation on something they know to be delicious, unique, and new.  Of course, there are those guests that just can’t make a decision on what to have (even though they have been flagging you down for 15 minutes).  The point is, bartenders have a lot more influence on sales than they are usually recognized for.

The Bartender makes direct repeated contact and is one of the most powerful influences on a future fan of your brand.  They are one of the most important parts of building brand loyalty in the beverage industry, and interact face to face with hundreds of people a week.  They are your brand ambassadors and it seems to be a consistently overlooked avenue to achieve future sales and market share.

Sales reps who regularly visit their clients always stand ou, and usually interact with the Bartender before meeting with the Proprietor.  It has been my experience, that when a brand rep builds great repertoire with the bartender, that bartender is more likely to regularly recommend that rep’s brands and brews.  Unless the owner is working some shifts behind the bar themselves, the bartenders have significantly more interaction with the patrons, and sometimes, have a much stronger relationship with them.

This valuable opportunity to expand the brand and market share in this way is under recognized, underutilized, and under appreciated.  For instance, with Vodka, there are always several brands available and a bartender usually has a go to brand when the customer asks for an upgrade from the well.  If you consider that a bartender can interact with as many as 500-600 potential end users in a busy shift, then it becomes clear how many opportunities there are to build brand recognition, and that is in just one bar on just one night!

The best brand ambassador that a distiller, brewer, or vintner can have, and should utilize, are the bartenders serving their product.  I have been in this profession for over 16 years and I assure you that bartenders can play an important and instrumental part in your in your success, or failure.  It is something that is both concerning and frustrating. It is a powerful position that carries a lot of opportunity for very little extra effort.

I hope that with one of the biggest days of the year in the industry fast approaching, you see just how hard bartenders do work and how skilled you must be to do it well, especially under the amount of pressure and physical demand required on a day like St. Patrick’s Day.  It is not simply a job, it is a profession and not just anyone can do it, so remember to take care of your bartenders. After all they are the ones you want taking care of you.


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What We Serve


Multi-Media Marketing & Promotion

Price: Variety of Packages Tailored to Your Unique Needs & Goals

Combining Radio, Social Media, & Professional Video Production w/ 25 years of Customer Srvc, Sales, & Hospitality Experience to deliver the best & most innovative introduction to your target market.

Band & Performance Artist Management

Cost:  Percentage based on Individual Needs

A comprehensive combination of media marketing mediums strategically selected to maximize efficiency & effectiveness to ensure we are consistently adding benefit & value for our network of Artists and Hiring Clients.  To submit a request for more information, click here.


Professional Hospitality Service Classes

Tuition:  $200-$600

Training in all FOH food service skills.Courses include Bar tending, Food Service, Catering Set up & Breakdown including preparation & resources for obtaining required State & Industry certification.  Classes are offered Tuesdays at 6:30 PM starting May 22, 2018.  To register for a class, please fill out this admission form.pexels-photo-681846.jpeg


Professional Event Staffing Services

Fee:  Flat Rate per professional / per type / per hour

Professionally trained and certified hospitality staffing for all types of Events from Private Catered Events to Weddings to Large Scale Music Festivals and Sporting Events.