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Starting the long holiday weekend looking down on Big City San Francisco. Feels amazing to be up here taking it all in.


The Best Bartender Tricks are in the way they Mix

A Bartender is always a mixologist but a mixologist is not always a bartender.

That’s because a passionate and professional bartender knows that mixing cocktails, adult beverages, dranks, loose juice, and truth juice is just a part of the overall profession. There are many parts to the recipe that must be mixed constantly to make it look easy and effortless while the guests are enjoying a great time safely.

Some of the responsibilities a Bartender has are significant and are about watching out for the safety of the guests and the safety of the public. Bartenders should always be watchful and assertive while maintaining a welcoming and fun demeanor. There are now laws in some states that require Bartenders and alcohol service workers to get educated and tested on Age verification/ID checks, laws regarding the sale of alcohol, signs of intoxication, overserving and methods for cutting someone off with the overall message being, it’s never worth the risk to sell alcohol to someone who should not have it. The fines that can be imposed on both your Employer and YOU can be in the thousands, with some mistakes punishable with Prison time. You don’t want to ever have to live with knowing that you contributed to someone’s death because you served someone who has had too much already.

A responsible bartender is a respectable bartender and a professional bartender is also approachable, mindful, diplomatic, patient, assertive, efficient, fun, grateful, creative and honest. It has always been a position of power and influence and the best ones utilize that for the enjoyment and safety of their guests. Bartenders are often the final word when it comes to decisions about guests, TV channel, music volume, last call, and closing time which means they are always practicing diplomacy and atmosphere management. It has always been my opinion that people don’t go to bars to buy booze, they go to buy companionship and ambiance so it is imperative that the bartender understand and mix all the ingredients appropriately if they want to create the most enjoyable and lucrative experience for the guests, themselves, and the boss.

Bartending is a profession, not a job, that takes skill, knowledge, awareness, and passion to do it well. The most memorable and admiral bartenders are the ones who do it for the enjoyment and thrill, not for the money or bragging rights and it is obvious when you compare the two that they are not cut from the same cloth. It is not to say that good bartenders don’t have bad days, but they actively leave their woes at home unlike drink pourers who feel they’re the boss, it’s their bar, and you owe them admiration in the form of tips for simply standing behind the bar and acknowledging you exist. They aren’t entertaining, engaging, welcoming, or grateful and they do a big disservice to the profession and business of hospitality.

Big City Nites is committed to sharing insight about the traits and practices that make the best bartenders successful and what principles will make you a more successful and celebrated star of the bar. This the first post in a series of blogs that will discuss the nuances of bar and bartender etiquette. They will be based on years and years of real life experience and observation that has taken place all over the United States during a variety of events and situations. It has been an awesome career and I would love to see more people embrace a passion for it and succeed while exemplifying the cool and fulfilling living that it can be.

I hope you find value and enjoy what is shared and please do share your feedback and comments. I thank you for visiting Big City Nites dot com.

-Queen Eileen,

Big City Bartender Extraordinaire

Letter from Sacramento [dated February 25, 1866]

Sacramento Saloons as Observed by Mark Twain

I arrived in the City of Saloons this morning at 3 o’clock, in company with several other disreputable characters, on board the good steamer Antelope, Captain Poole, commander. I know I am departing from usage in calling Sacramento the City of Saloons instead of the City of the Plains, but I have my justification — I have not found any plains, here, yet, but I have been in most of the saloons, and there are a good many of them. You can shut your eyes and march into the first door you come to and call for a drink, and the chances are that you will get it. And in a good many instances, after you have assuaged your thirst, you can lay down a twenty and remark that you “copper the ace,” and you will find that facilities for coppering the ace are right there in the back room. In addition to the saloons, there are quite a number of mercantile houses and private dwellings. They have already got one capitol here, and will have another when they get it done. They will have fine dedicatory ceremonies when they get it done, but you will have time to prepare for that — you needn’t rush down here right away by express. You can come as slow freight and arrive in time to get a good seat.


5 Facts About Why Radio is the Way to Go

Excerpt taken from American Music Concepts. Click here for full article

RADIO STILL HAS A HUGE AUDIENCE SO YOU CAN REACH YOUR AUDIENCE BY ADVERTISING ON THE RADIO Over 90% of all Americans, 243 million people, listen to radio each week. That includes every generation. 94% of Baby Boomers, 95% of Generation X and 94% of Millennials listen to radio. That means that you can reach pretty much anyone, regardless of your target audience, with radio.

RADIO HAS A BIG ADVANTAGE OVER OTHER ADVERTISING MEDIA….FREQUENCY It has been said that reach is nice, but frequency sells. Radio is all about the frequency  When you look at other media you don’t have the ideal combination of frequency and affordability.  Radio gives you the chance to reach your audience multiple times a day. You can run your ad during morning drive time, midday, afternoon drive and also at night.  This is something that no other media lets you do

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RADIO ENGAGES EMOTIONS When you can engage emotions you engage people.  When you engage people they remember you and they frequent your business.There was a study done by Gallup & Robinson called “Engaging Emotions Through Effective Radio Ads” it was designed to assess how well radio ads generate emotional responses and engage with consumers, compared to television ads.

RADIO IS CLOSEST TO POINT OF PURCHASE Radio is the most-used medium just prior to shopping.  62% of shoppers listen to Radio just 13 minutes prior to making a purchase.  90% of consumers are in their car less than 6 minutes before shopping. Audio captures 90% of in-car media time.  That means that your advertising message will often be heard when someone is closest to making a buying decision.

THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT THROUGH RADIO IS HUGE According to a study by Nielsen, each dollar of ad spend on radio generates an average sales return on $6.  For some retailers, each dollar of ad spend on radio returned an average sale of $23. Those are some impressive numbers.  Advertising of any kind is an investment.