The Big City Story

The importance and impact that social media has on our lives and in our decision making cannot be denied. People spend more time than ever and put more effort into their social media presence than ever before. The tools that have become available to both users and businesses hoping to capture some of that valuable focused attention are more efficient and intelligent than most people comprehend.

Have you noticed how tailored your news feed is to your preferences and how much more specifically in tune it is with your needs and interests it becomes every day? It almost seems as though it is reading your mind or anticipating your next moves. Somewhat scary but definitely true.

The sophistication of today’s search engine algorithims and the ability to pin point exactly what people are looking for creates a new era of social media marketing must do’s in order to remain relevant and accessible to your potential guests and clients.
Big City Nites has focused on the factors that make you most likely to capture the attention and loyalty from today’s online shoppers. The one thing that is still not available online is real life social experience and face to face multi sense interaction. Face time is a way to see and hear but what about smell and touch?

When it comes to enticing a person to choose your event or venue to attend, those are the experiences that cannot be replicated online. But that also means you cannot offer those until a guest actually decides to choose your event or establishment over another. That is why the presentation you make to your potential customer online is so imperative.

We do our best to make that online incentive the most aggressive and attractive it can be through the use of Search Engine Optimization and selective and strategic word and graphic placement.

Let us consult with you about what you believe your customers need to know and what we feel will bring them to that information. The processes we continually evolve to stay ahead of your customers next click make it simple and easy for you to anticipate the needs of your customers and stay a step ahead of your competition.

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Big City Nites offers a wide range of custom comprehensive services for your promotion and marketing needs that include Radio, Social Media, SEO, email, and consulting. We offer superb artist management services allowing venues to connect, book, and promote entertainment of all kinds.

We offer Food and Beverage Service classes and training for those looking to learn skills to become a Bartender or Barback, Food Server, Host, Catering staff member, and we assist our students in obtaining certifications and licenses required by local law which then allows us to provide staff for various types of events such as musical festivals and private catered events is a service we provide to event organizers and planners. We represent a wide range of talent for all types of needs.

From entertaining large crowds with live music, comedians, and dancers to acoustic musicians for intimate gatherings such as weddings and anniversary parties, our experience in the hospitality and entertainment industries make us the premier resource for putting a successful and fun event together.