Event Professionals for Hire


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Need a professional Bartender for your cocktail party?  A craft cocktail mixologist for your Corporate Event? Servers or a hostess for your dinner party?  Big City Nites wants to help with your Event Enjoyment.

Are you interested in learning the skills that will make you stand out as a spectacular Bartender or Server?  We offer training and certification coaching for those looking to start a career in the Hospitality/Food & Beverage industry.  Our classes will give you the knowledge necessary to be efficient, effective, and consistently employed in any type of F&B service situation.

Are you able to offer your service and skill for events on a part time basis, mainly weekends?  Big City Nites invites you to click here & join our Big City Crew so we can put you in touch with those who need your skills. We work with Caterers, Event Organizers, and Community Members who are looking for folks to impress their guests.

Please Let us know right away what we can do to help or fill in the form to register as a Big City Nites Pro for Hire. Big City Nites will be in touch! Thanks very much!