View from the Top

Starting the long holiday weekend looking down on Big City San Francisco. Feels amazing to be up here taking it all in.

Haunted Jaunts for Boo!


The Weight of the Scale…

How much does the Scale say you weigh after you sit down for Launch?

Ready for Takeoff? If you are and you are hungry, make sure you get Launch before you scale it alone. This is Angel Venture Capitalism on rocket fuel going where no money has gone before. To the idea creators and analytical realists who could never imagine getting the boost they need to reach the stars and accelerate at the speed of light relative to pre-App, pre-IT, Silicon Valley life on Earth.

The ease and momentum at which an idea can become a global brand is inspiring, motivating, and surreal. Companies like Techstars, founded by David Cohen, have made it honestly realistic to reach for the stars and have people from all over the world touch your brand. Their own successful creative innovation and consequential financial power have empowered a new generation from around the globe to power through the universal challenges of entrepreneurship.