Golden State Super Heroes


You haven’t seen a real Super Hero till you’ve watched a Firefighter do what they do.   I would say it is the most important job and biggest service to our Golden State’s entire community.  In fact, I would say that they do more to positively impact humanity than just about anyone.  They do so because they have a genuine desire to care for our families and our way of life.

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The value that they so generously and honorably provide to California’s economy, is immeasurable. They risk their lives, and unfortunately too often, lose their lives, keeping the biggest threat to our state, our prosperity, our lives, under control.   It is often hard to really comprehend until you are lucky enough to survive it.  California’s wildfires make the Golden State the second most dangerous US state to live in because the annual threat of environmental devastation, whether it be natural or man-made, regularly out paces the costs of  Hurricanes, Winter Storms. Tornadoes, and yes, Earthquakes.

The amount of agriculture and tourism benefit that Californians depend on emphasizes the life altering devastation fires cause and leaves no question that the men and women of the California Department of Forestry and Fire, CAL FIRE, are valuable in ways that transcend money and material possessions.  As Mike Daw, Executive Director of the Firefighters Burn Institute shared, an entire family’s lifetime is severely and painfully altered leaving scars that every member of the family feels forever.

It has been the greatest honor to spend a bit of time with a real life Sacramento angel,  and gain perspective from the life threatening front lines of the battle between California’s wildfires and the dedicated long time caregivers to California’s safety and prosperity, Firefighter Burn Institute founder, Mike Daw, Sacramento Firefighter and cherished real life Golden State Super Hero.



Veterans for America’s Homeless Veterans

To Honor the Memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedoms, Honor those who came back without anywhere to call Home.

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